I never wanted a big dog!

Get a big dog they said, it will be fun they said!


Yep, I was one of the twenty-three million Americans who got a pet during Covid. Here’s the story.. Covid lockdowns were in full swing, and my sister and I had this routine of walking down to our local Starbucks to grab a coffee and enjoy some fresh air. Little did I know, this routine would lead to a life altering decision. Every time we sat outside, a lady with not one, not two, but FOUR golden doodles would walk by. Naturally, we couldn’t resist striking up conversations with her. She’d gush about how amazing they were and how much she loved them. After each encounter, my sister would turn to me and say, “You need one of those!” I would always respond with “Nah, they are too big for me.” I was content with my seven-pound yorkies, Chelsea and Lexi. They were my fur babies, and I didn’t need anything more, so I thought. Those darn golden doodles kept invading my thoughts and I couldn’t shake them off! So, just for kicks, and because I was bored, I decided to do some online searching for breeders in my area. And wouldn’t you know it, I came across the sweetest family that lived super close with a pregnant golden doodle! Before I knew it, I made the commitment to bring home a golden doodle puppy.

Skylar Blue

The moment I picked up Sky to take her home, I realized my life was about to change. She was already bigger than my two senior yorkies and I knew we were in for a wild ride. Chelsea, Lexi, and I were used to a calm existence that included lounging, eating, and the occasional leisurely walk. Sky had other plans for us. She came charging into our lives like a tornado , leaving chaos in her wake! She had energy for days and kept us all on our toes. It was a bumpy couple of months for sure. But, we survived! I will admit, Sky has been the best addition to our family. She’s our social butterfly and jumping bean. She brings laughter and excitement to our days. And yes, she’s big, but she’s got an even bigger heart. She’s a walking ray of sunshine, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Puppy Sky

I love my Sky. She is the inspiration behind my business, Skylar Blue. She has gotten me out of the house and out of my “small dog” comfort zone. I’m meeting other dog parents, learning about quality food, toys, and treats, and getting a lot more exercise! So, the moral of this story is…. Never say never!

Update on our family

Since getting Sky in December of 2020, I’ve had to say goodbye to my sweet girls Chelsea and Lexi. Both were so loved, lived long lives, and were such a blessing, but that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. We’ve added a new member, Biscuit, to our family. He is silly, rambunctious, and such a fun guy to have around! He and Sky have become fast friends and that makes my heart so happy.

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